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What We Do

Organizational Wellbeing & Burnout Prevention

Effective Wellbeing Programs that are proactive, practical, and sustainable…

Burnout doesn’t happen overnight.; it results from prolonged stress and pressure. Preventative measures and daily doses of healthy micro habits, while at work, can help to protect leaders and teams from the negative impacts of stress. 

Organizational wellbeing has become a corporate priority because it directly impacts the bottom line by increasing engagement, energy, creativity, agility, motivation, and job satisfaction.

Teams with a high levels of wellbeing, both physically & psychologically, perform better and are able to navigate change & challenge more effectively.

Coral Leadership provides individual, team and organization-wide programs in wellbeing. Organizational wellbeing goes beyond traditional wellness programs to include not only physical wellbeing, but, also, daily regimes of psychological wellbeing.

Coral Leadership incorporates positive psychology and neuroscience research to ground its wellbeing initiatives in proven, and effective interventions.

“A thriving organization starts with the well-being of its employees. In today’s world of uncertainty, employee mental well-being has become a corporate priority. Well-being is a learned skillset through healthy mind-habits, and it is a super-power for thriving through change”,
Dr. Jennifer Card