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What We Do

Executive Leadership Development​

Leadership is a way-of-being that is cultivated through intentional initiatives, self-awareness, experience, and training. Leadership is not a final destination, but instead, a consistent journey of self-development.

Critical competencies of great leaders include: deep listening; curiosity; emotional intelligence (EQ); courageous decision-making; sound judgement; vulnerability; a learning-mindset (rather than needing to be an expert); optimism (especially when things get tough);  clear work/life boundaries; continuous delegation;  flexibility, strategic thinking; sustained wellbeing regimes; empathy; immovable values; and foresight.

Coral Leadership’s leadership development programs help to on-board new leaders, optimize the performance of current leaders, and support the development of seasoned executives.  Coral Leadership provides leadership development services through individual coaching, workshop facilitation and/or organization-wide programs.