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Speaking Events

Dr. Card provides keynote discussions, group coaching, and facilitated round table discussions for executive meetings, events, conferences and off-sites.

Examples of discussion topics include: Corporate Wellbeing & Stress Resiliency, Equanimity and Mindfulness for Leaders, High Performing Teams, Conflict Navigation and Positive Communication, Thriving Through Complexity,  Cultural intelligence and Bias Awareness, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Empathy and The Hard “Soft” Skills of Leadership

Podcast with IT World Canada: Leadership Coaches Weigh in on the New World of Work

The Power of Positive Psychology in Your Business with Leadership Consultant, Dr. Jennifer Signe Card

Ontario Workplace Health Coalition Chats: Canadian Positive Psychology Association & The Canadian Workplace Wellbeing Awards

The Canadian Workplace Wellbeing Awards: Positive Psychology, and Helping Employees to Thrive

“Twice throughout the pandemic we have had the opportunity to work with Jen on workplace stress management. Her programming engaged a group of leaders and made a direct impact on how they viewed the stressors of their job, how their staff might be feeling and how they could help both themselves and their teams. The sessions that we did were thoughtful and personal, she was able to directly connect to the team and it was clear that she had spent time thinking about the audience to tailer the experience. The biggest benefit were the tactile take aways that everyone left with, very specific things that you can do to help and that would make a difference. We look forward to working with Jen again!”

Ontario Ski Racing Association (OSRA)

“On a day run by the Ontario Ski Resort Association for Ontario ski resort program leaders Jen attended and ran the group through a session about reintroducing our teams to normal and how to help them manage some of the rollercoaster emotions that the leaders and front line may experience. The group was lead through a presentation that was engaging and thorough. Jens ability to break the ice and get the group talking about their experiences was outstanding. The group learned so much from one another and this session really helped some of the attendees bond / relate to one another when they may not have otherwise. Jen was a delight to work with, very professional and was able to relate perfectly with this group.”

Ontario Ski Racing Association (OSRA)

Jennifer has helped our team to increase our psychological safety and meaningful conversations, as a result we work more collaboratively,


One of the biggest learnings form Coral Leadership was for our leaders to spend more time and energy on reflection and strategy; Jennifer helped remind us to start from within first,


Coral Leadership’s programs helped our managers to develop into leaders, including navigating the more difficult conversations,


The meta-cognitive coaching approach helped me to become more aware that I was getting in my own way of growth,