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Leaders face unprecedented levels of uncertainty, complexity, and global challenges. Uncertainty can produce stress, and prolonged stress can lead to burnout. Wellbeing strategies on how to proactively care for oneself physically are common knowledge, however, less is known about to proactively care for oneself psychologically.

Included are easy-to-use tactics in how leaders can practice psychological self-care. Equipping leaders with strategies on how to proactively increase their wellbeing and neutralize work stress with the super skill of equanimity could help them to renew their energy, avoid burnout and thrive through uncertainty.

Release Date: March 1st, 2023
Distribution: global online retailers including: Amazon and Barnes & Noble
Format: hardcover, paperback, e-book (Kindle)


“In the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world of work today, equanimity is not only a super-power, but a super-necessity for leaders. Dr. Card brings together a unique blend of principles, examples and how-to reflections, in a quick, easy to read book. I will be giving it to all my clients.” 

Catherine Kemmerling, PsyD, MEd, The Resilience Retreat Center

  “As leader: Are you addicted to a high level of busyness? Do you (subconsciously) believe you need to work hard or hardest to be effective? Or be the expert in everything? Do you have a hard time to give yourself permission to make space to think and feel? Then this book is for you. Jennifer Card makes a meaningful and actionable contribution to the concept of equanimity: the capacity for self-composure, self-awareness, and cognitive calmness in the face of uncertainty. A superpower for any leader in a time of rising uncertainty and ever more complexity”.  

Dr. Katharina Schmidt, PsyD, MBA, MCC Inspiration & Discipline

  The insights in this book help leaders become the well-being hub of their organizations by first cultivating their power over their own minds. Dr. Card’s theory-based and practice-oriented methods are universally applicable to leaders across geographic regions, times, professional fields, seniority levels, and challenges; every leader can find a home in this book.”

Ravit Heskiau, PhD, Associate Teaching Professor, D’Amore-McKim School of Business, Northeastern University

  “We all want to perform at our best.  The reality, though, is that we spend much of our time off balance, drained, and operating in survival mode.  Dr. Card’s book provides an antidote to this common experience.  While developing traditional leadership skills is important, Dr. Card guides and equips leaders to cultivate the meta-skill of equanimity, which in turn unleashes one’s best self. Today’s leaders must adopt a “marathon” mindset and skill set. Leadership Equanimity is the instruction manual that will carry leaders across the finish line with energy to spare”.  

Dr. Elias Ursitti, Leadership Psychologist & Executive Coach

  The examples help the reader to see that equanimity can be gained through small moments, not grandiose gestures”.

Suzanne Devlin, PhD. Chair Organizational and Leadership Pscyhology Department, William James College

  “Leadership Equinimity provides leaders with an easy-to-follow plan for developing a powerful internal framework necessary for navigating the complexities of the changing world and one that can guide them through the difficult decisions and unexpected challenges therein. Its lessons are invaluable and have helped me become a more reflective, mindful, and compassionate leader”. 

Dr. Matthew Dunn, Organizational Sport Psychologist & Performance Coach, Performance Rising